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Rooftop Pottery

Rooftop Pottery is owned by Harold Kaplan -- a potter specializing in handmade, hand thrown pottery since 1997.


Like many other potters I came to the craft by accident rather than design. I was on my way to becoming a dynamic explorer of other cultures in distant lands with intoxicating libations, sensuous foods, fascinating rituals and vibrant people as an anthropologist, much like Indiana Jones… when I took an elective pottery class my senior year in college. The rest (so far) is history.

After taking that class, I continued working in the same community studio at the University of Vermont. I both made pottery and taught classes there for about 7 years. I decided it was time to establish my own studio, and so began the arduous task of deciding what I needed for a studio and what I didn’t need for an apartment (2 separate places are still not in the cards for me). While the two are not mutually exclusive, they do not coexist easily.

In 1997, I found the perfect mix of bachelor chic and studio spaciousness when I moved into the Rose St. Artist Cooperative -- a renovated Bakery in the Old North End of Burlington VT. The pottery studio was carved out of my spacious apartment. It had lots of light and plenty of headroom. With views of the beautiful roofs of my neighbors and a little rooftop space for me to dry and make my pottery, Rooftop Pottery was born.

In 2010 I moved the pottery over to 309 St. Paul Street, just off of Pine street in an old furniture making building called Kilburn & Gates. The studio has plenty of space with a storage loft, two pottery wheels, a slab roller, an extruder, a large work table, 16.5 cubic ft. kiln and my trusty pug/mixer mill. The studio even has some space for a little gallery. It has been a wonderful move from living in my pottery to going to work in my pottery. I love having friends and guests come by while I work and I can easily teach private lessons in my new studio. I hope you can come down for a visit soon.