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Rooftop Pottery

Rooftop Pottery is owned by Harold Kaplan -- a potter specializing in handmade, hand thrown pottery since 1997.

The Nature of Hand Made Pottery

Please note that Rooftop Pottery is not a factory. It is me, my wheel, and my dog (she gets sulky if I don't mention her). You will see some variation between pieces. Matching pieces will appear as part of a set but will not be exact replicas of each other. Each piece will be unique. I have found that people tend to start buying handmade pottery because they fell in love with a single piece of stoneware. Most people continue to buy it for its beauty and the way it expresses their personality. If you are dipping your toe in the water for the first time, start with a few items to make sure the investment is for you.

Take a look through my pottery line up. The complete list is found Here or you can browse through the pages one by one. All pottery can be safely shipped anywhere in the USA. For information on ordering and shipping, please view the ordering information page.

Keeping both hands on the wheel...