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Rooftop Pottery

Rooftop Pottery is owned by Harold Kaplan -- a potter specializing in handmade, hand thrown pottery since 1997.



Couples or individuals can register an account with the site, but must contact me in person, before creating the registry -- that way I can make sure that I have the capacity to fulfill the order. I set up an account that allows them to build a wish list of pottery. These go into their registry. The sizes, colors, quantities, and styles are all decided by the couple.

The couple or individual communicates their personal registry's address to their friends and relatives. They must first register, and then view the list, and pick out some pottery as a gift.


OK... pottery is heavy and somewhat fragile. This means a fair amount of packaging and weight -- both of which add up to relatively expensive shipping.

If the items are destined for a local address, I'll deliver them myself to save shipping costs. I charge a flat $60 fee to pack the order -- it takes a surprising amount of time and materials to pack safely. I am willing to deliver up to 100 miles from my studio in Burlington. We can also arrange for pick up at my studio, the Burlington Farmers' Market, or the Stowe Farmers' Market.

Regardless of the method of delivery, the shipping charges are worked out at the time the registry is created. I add a percentage fee to each gift added to the registry. The cost is a lot more reasonable split like this.

For example, if a couple registers for an 8 person table setting, that's 32 pieces. Shipping a set like all together that might cost something like $100. Shipping 8 individual place settings might cost $25 per setting -- or $200 total. Instead of charging each person who gets them a piece of that gift an individual shipping charge, I'll divide the cost among the pieces as a percentage of the price and that on to your order.

You don't have to worry about entering a shipping address on PayPal. The order will be delivered to the address specified at the time the registry is set up.


As of now, I don't offer gift wrapping. I'm not very good at it and I am a one-man shop.